Primero giorno di corso

As, the probably incorrect Italian title of my post declares, today was my first day of school! I had a class of Italian where today we learned useful phrases like how are you etc. and our numbers, letters, months, and days. It was a really fun class and our teacher is absolutely amazing. She is super sweet and very good at making herself clear even to us beginners in Italian. And she can roll with pretty much any mistake we make. A girl in my class today accidentally said “Shannan √© facile” instead of “Shannan √© felice”. The first sentence means “Shannan is easy” while the second simply says that Shannan is happy. Quite a difference, and our teacher laughed just as hard as anyone else and joined in on our joking. Hopefully, later on I will have more time to write about my days because the last few have been jam packed with activities. I am so tired by the end of the day that I am actually going to bed before midnight (can you believe that mom/dad?) I am so exhausted that bedtime has become my favorite part of the day. I am looking forward to exploring the city more and going into shops etc. I also can’t wait to see St. Catherine’s head, I have plans on taking a picture with it and making it my profile picture. Domani I have a cooking class which I am also really excited for, and perhaps I will find time to write more in depth about what I have been doing so far. These past two posts have been kind of rambling so I apologize to those who may feel obligated to read this I promise I will try and make it more interesting. Buona notte!